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The 2022 Ultimate Guide To Buy Marijuana Clones Online

January 1, 2022
Author - The Strainbank

Consider yourself lucky to find the most comprehensive 2022 guide online for buying the best marijuana plants each time and avoid ever getting ripped off.

Step 1 - Research Online And Ask Around

The easiest way to find trusted marijuana products is to do research online. People rely on websites like Google to provide the most relevant information. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and as a result, the internet landscape is continuously changing. For example, it's now very easy to create websites. Any scammer can whip one up on a cell phone within a few hours appearing like a legit retail clones store. There is also a myriad of social media platforms that advertise clones for sale, marijuana seeds and other cannabis products, primarily on Facebook and Instagram. If someone has a bad experience, there's no recourse other than to send angry direct messages until getting blocked.

If you know anyone that grows, it's a good idea to ask where they got marijuana plants. Usually, the source of genetics is a friend or family member not selling clones to others or the grower that was available one season is gone the next. The reason growers disappear often is once too many people get burned, they simply change their phone number, develop a new website or create new social media accounts. The worst place to get marijuana clones and weed plants for sale are advertising websites like Their platform is excellent, nothing wrong with the website, but anyone can post ads for free - that means anything goes. If you want cheap clones and don't mind the enormous risks, that's always an option.

Step 2 - Choosing A Dispensary Or Nursery

Not many people know the difference between marijuana dispensaries and clone nurseries. A dispensary is a physical storefront location for customers to shop a wide variety of cannabis products produced by 3rd party vendors. A nursery is a discrete growing facility specializing in the cultivation of marijuana clones, weed plants and cannabis seeds. Let's look at the differences more closely. It's quite reasonable customers want the ability to walk into a garden center like store and choose the best clones for sale, like strolling through Home Depot picking out the healthiest looking plants. However, these plants are typically used for aesthetic reasons and not for consumption. Do you want strangers handling your clones before purchasing?

Local dispensaries have wholesale or bulk marijuana plant agreements with nearby clone nurseries. To shop owners, clones are just another product to offer customers and let's be honest, they're not a profitable item since plants need daily care. Since baby marijuana plants can be sensitive to their environment, even with daily attention, clones do not thrive in a storefront setting. Even though you cannot walk inside most clone nurseries, if you find a reputable organization, they will pick out the best marijuana clones for you. When you buy clones for sale online, there can be a lot of savings on each marijuana plant. There might also be assistance for new growers to receive cultivation tips depending on the level of customer service offered. Dispensaries are retailers and do not offer services to customers after a transaction.

Step 3 - Buy Marijuana Clones For Sale

If you have read this far, hopefully you're leaning toward purchasing directly from a clones nursery. However, taking precautions doesn't stop here. When deciding on which nursery to buy genetics, the first thing you should do is search for business listings online. Most people favor using websites like, but keep in mind those websites charge monthly advertising fees to business customers. Reviews are human moderated and skewed to favor clients that pay more each month. It's much better to rely on search engines like Google to review business ratings. The easiest, almost foolproof, method in choosing the best retail marijuana plants nursery is to start with the business with most reviews and highest rating. The volume of reviews is probably the single most important metric to determine how reputable company is quickly.

Here's an example to consider: Company A has a rating of 4.8 and only 10 reviews vs Company B with a rating of 4.2 and 500 reviews. The first consideration should be which company has more customer feedback and the answer is clear - Company B. What is not clear is why choose the company with a lesser rating. The reason might not be obvious, but imagine a single person with several email addresses can post reviews to support a business and that doesn't include friends or family helping out. Allow your thought process toward this example be like choosing a hotel. Most people would agree any hotel with a rating of 4 stars is excellent. It's safe to assume the higher number of hotel reviews represents it's popularity, just as long as the rating score is adequate for your vacation plans. Some general rules that are highly recommended would be to (1) not purchase marijuana clones unless the nursery has a business listing exceeding 50 reviews and (2) not purchase from any social media websites.

Step 4 - Always Check Plant Health

This step is the most important because you can still have success if you only remember this part. Growing marijuana is a fun, relaxing hobby and new growers are very excited to begin - don't let impatience get the best of you. Understanding what healthy cannabis clones look like is a requirement to have a good experience. At the time of securing your clones, don't be shy to inspect them. Keep in mind "green leaves and white roots", it's pretty much that simple. If the leaves are yellowing, have brown spots or white mold, then respectfully decline purchasing those plants. Nursing clones back to health is difficult even for advanced growers. The small savings to buy cheap clones most often exceeds the risk, even if the clones are free.

If the roots are brown or discolored with healthy green foliage, then a purchase could result in a coin flip situation. If the clones are introduced into an ideal environment of temperature and humidity, success is possible, but not without some risk. The hardest consideration for even experienced growers when looking at healthy plants is to inspect for spider mites or other insects that typically hide underneath the leaves. If you don't have the best nearside vision, it's worth spending a little bit on a jeweler's magnifying glass to check for bugs. Confident nurseries will not rush the time needed to inspect plants because despite what anyone says, if there's an issue with the plants those problems were known before meeting. It's only necessary to randomly select 3 to 4 clones and check for these several items. All these steps work together. Once you find the right clones nursery, those people will become your best friends to harvest the high quality marijuana in 2022.

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