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The Strainbank Is Founded On Integrity.

The medical marijuana industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the US, exceeding even the smart phone industry (Business Week 2014). Many people jump in the industry being overly optimistic they can succeed simply if they have a quality product. It's not that simple.

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Why Choose The Strainbank?

Established Brand.  Like any other franchise, the major three (3) components of operating a successful business are resolved. The risks associated with launching a new company and establishing a brand are eliminated. What remains then to be successful is to operate the franchise using recommended procedures & maintaining exemplary customer service.

The Strainbank was the first to begin offering authenticity verified, lab-tested genetics to consumers as fully matured plants and now we are the largest provider in the US!

Industry Leader.  Become apart of our rapidly growing business and assist medical marijuana patients in your area by joining The Strainbank. Start-up's leverage our status as the #1 provider of genetics across the nation.

Our mission is to help patients who depend on legal, safe & easy access to marijuana plants, which includes assisting our franchisees too. With over a dozen locations, we have a proven track record of success.

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