Exhange Policy

The Strainbank Is Founded On Integrity.

Exchange Policy

How To Get Replacement Clones?

Exchanges are granted to those who admit partial fault and sincerely want to learn from their mistakes so that new replacement clones have a chance to grow well.

If a problem arises, it's unnecessary to send long, usually exaggerated emails when photos can be sent to us with a short message requesting help. We really appreciate patients remain friendly toward our sales staff who are not directly responsible for the plants you've purchased. They are on your side when reaching out to nursery managers to create the fairest solution for each individual's case.

In instances where exchanges are requested, The Strainbank can help those who remain calm, respectful and honest. In other words, we do not help anyone who is demanding or rude, nor anyone making false accusations not represented by photos.

An ideal example message would read:

Hi Greg, I'm having an issue with [x] of the plants I purchased yesterday and have attached some photos for you to review. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you. - David M.

It doesn't make sense for patients to leave satisfied with healthy clones and then somehow weeks later have problems with our plants. Issues that arise during the vegetative growth stage cannot be our fault, but we still choose to help because each patient's experience matters to us.

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