Gummy Sours

CBD Product Description.

CBD Gummy Sours

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Product Details:
0% THC Content
Fruity Flavors
Pharmaceutical Grade
Full Spectrum CBD
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Vet Discounts
Available In 15 and 30 Candies

Product Description

If you're medical marijuana patient seeking safer alternative to smoking cannabis flower, CBD gummy sours might be a tasty choice for you. The absorption rate for medicine in edible form is slower than other common methods, such as smoking. CBD products have helped our customers with the following conditions:  stress, anxiety, chronic pain, absentmindedness, aggression, anger, decreased appetite, depression, insomnia, nausea, eye disorders and tremors.

Only the purest, highest quality hemp oil extractions available imported from Europe. The CBD gummy sours contain only PCR (PhytoCannabinoid-Rich) hemp compounds that provide patients the full spectrum of cannabinods delivering maximum results. The benefit of using PCR Hemp oil products is that they are the most potent and effective for supporting health and wellness.

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