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Georgia Proposes Reforming Laws To Allow For Hemp Production

December 15, 2018
Author - The Strainbank

Georgia is potentially making small changes to its marijuana laws by allowing farmers to grow hemp and distribute cannabis oil. The proposals set forth would help over 6,000 medical marijuana patients while also giving local farms another option for earning extra income. Laws currently still allow the use of marijuana, but patients are magically supposed to get medicine with restrictions on cultivation, manufacture and distribution of product.

These types of laws set people up to fail who are only choosing alternative treatment methods that are well established. The easiest way to ease into decimalization of marijuana for Georgia lawmakers is to allow the productions of concentrated hemp since nutrition stores already carry these products imported from other states. One major component of cannabis called, CBD is already legal in the United States if the levels of THC are very low.

Hemp naturally grows without any THC content, the euphoric active ingredient in marijuana. There's an additional proposal from the Senate study committee that is recommending the restrictions on higher THC content products be lifted in order to help patients with more serious conditions, such as seizures, cancer and other ailments. Currently Georgia allows for products to contain up to 5% THC, but there's no lawful way to secure anything.

Hemp productions is a very large global market and there are 41 states involved in a federal pilot program to develop this economy domestically. The main concern of committee is whether if this legal reform would create a larger recreational consumption problem. There seems to be this misleading notion that the legalization of hemp would suggest to the public that regular marijuana use is ok. The next steps involved if everything goes forward is to award a limited number of licenses for farmers to cultivate hemp legally. The number of licenses is yet to be determined.

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