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Organic Hydro
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Product Description

Most likely you found this page if you're a medical marijuana patient or recreational cannabis user. Anyone smoking weed knows what's good or bad, amazing or just average. Unlike other marijuana products, describing one harvest of marijuana doesn't make a lot of sense, especially when you consider how many different strains that are available. What we can describe is how we can save you money whether you're a patient, broker or dispensary owner.

The Strainbank is comprised of many marijuana nurseries all across California. Some of our locations are used to flower verify new strains and we have direct access to amazing quality medicine. If you buy marijuana of any meaningful amount each month and curious about our inventory options, take a moment one day to reach out and receive a quote from one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

Our goal is to provide our customers better quality cannabis for much less.

Very often when purchasing marijuana, ie. at a dispensary, there are many layers of mark-up when buying cannbis products. Even if you think you're gettting the best deal or you're content with your current source of medicine, there's not much risk contacting us to find out what we can do for you. Our distribution service is very simple, we help patients, delivery services & dispensaries expand their vendor options.

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