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If you're not sure what crumble is or have never used it, then it's probably most helpful to quickly explain what shatter is to new users first. Shatter is a type of marijuana concentrate. The active ingredients in cannabis are extracted from the flowers and can form different textures depending on the extraction and curing process. Concentrates are popular because the majority of carcinogens from smoking are removed since there is no plant material being ignited. Just as the name suggests, shatter has a texture that is hard and breaks apart easily.

Those who use shatter and prefer it as an alternative to marijuana flowers, can easily determine the quality just at a glance. For most pateints or recreational users, the consitency, color and taste is what matters most above anything else. The Strainbank has a very large network of cannabis vendors in California and our goal is simply to provide patients other options when purchasing shatter and other marijuana products. What we're offering is the highest quality shatter available, not the cheapest. If you're looking for a good deal, just give us a call and depending on your location, there might be additional discount opportunies.

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