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How To Buy The Best Clones In Arizona Online

June 6, 2021
Author - The Strainbank

Before Arizona passed the Smart and Safe marijuana Act in 2015, the laws against cannabis were some of the strictest in the country. The consequences of keeping such an important alternative treatment away from patients really unleashed an explosion of demand for all cannabis products, especially Arizona marijuana clones for sale online. As of January 22, 2021, recreational sales began and demand for marijuana climbed even higher.

If you are older than 21 years old, you are allowed to possess up to 1oz of flower and 5g of concentrates. If you have a medical card, you can possess much more - up to 2.5oz. The average cost of weed varies depending on the way it is grown.

There are 3 environments for growing: outdoor, greenhouse and indoor. Greenhouse can also be referred to as "light dep", which is a light deprivation technique used to allow plants in sunlight to flower sooner. The more controlled the conditions, the better quality of marijuana and the price goes up.

Ounces range from about $280 to $400 an ounce and concentrates cost $60 to $100 a gram. Most people looking for a fun hobby and a way to safe money on marijuana can cultivate up to 6 plants per person in Arizona. A requirement to cultivate is growing marijuana plants in an enclosed space with lock, not visible to the public. These requirements are common practice to stay private and the main idea is to not allow minors access.

Customers that live +25mi from a dispensary are allowed to have up to 12 mature flowering plants. If you want to be a caregiver and grow more clones in Arizona, the only requirements are to be older than 21 and have no previous drug felonies. Each caregiver is allowed to grow for up to 5 patients, which means any person can cultivate up to 72 marijuana plants.

Consider partitioning your grow into areas designated for each patient. You do not need separate room or tents for each person, but it is recommended that the plants are at least labeled indicating who they are for just to be safe.

If you are a recreational user and considering growing Arizona marijuana clones and looking for more than 12 plants, please be sure you understand the risks. The Strainbank offers as many clones as you want to purchase due to losses or singling out vest ones. Cultivating flowering plants are what these guidelines restrict, not how many clones for sale. Small immature plants have no THC content for many weeks until the flowering stage.

If you are hoping to grow the best marijuana plants in Arizona, we recommend getting Sativa strains that do well in hot desert climates. Some of the strains to try out include Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Headband or White Widow. These genetics have been around decades and are very stable, high yielding, high THC content strains. Older genetics can handle extreme conditions.

If you are not sure what to grow or how to order clones for sale online, feel free to contact us anytime to receive help - together we'll grow far.

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