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Massive Cannabis Grow Room To Staff Over 400 People In Michigan

December 10, 2018
Author - The Strainbank

The small town of Marshall, Michigan, which sits less than an hour east of Kalamazoo, is fast becoming the medical cannabis capital of the state. Making local news headlines for today, several companies are planning to build large-scale sized medical marijuana processing facilities within the city. The first of which is Michigan Pure Med, which has stated plans to build an 800,000 square-foot facility that will be maintained by over 400 employees. However they are not the only company with these plans, as Marshall has already approved three other additional medical marijuana growing/processing facilities.

Locals of the town are not only hopeful for the increase in jobs this will generate, but a jump in the housing market as well. One employee at a local real estate company had already predicted they are going to be "very busy" in the near future trying to build more houses to accommodate this increased growth. Originally the city of Marshall had been chosen by Michigan Pure Med due to its central location within the state, given they are only about a two hours distance to 80% of Michigan's population. However because the city does not actually allow dispensaries the crops will be moved to the various towns around Michigan that do.

As long as all goes as planned, the first company Michigan Pure Med will start building their facilities as early as next month. It appears that the majority of the locals agree this will be a positive boost to the cities' overall economy while also not leading to a trade off in more crime, which may have had some others initially concerned. However we likely can all agree that adding more jobs that are directly geared towards creating alternative medicines for those in need can only serve to making us an overall more self-sufficient nation in the long run, which is always considered a worthy cause.

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