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Michigan Pushing Towards Medical Marijuana Home Delivery

December 10, 2018
Author - The Strainbank

The state of Michigan is looking to make the process of obtaining medical marijuana as simple as ordering some pizza delivery. A brand new rule that has been proposed by the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation would provide authority for the dispensaries around the state to deliver products to their registered medical marijuana patients by using an online ordering system. They are working to set up the rule within the state's regulations with the specific goal in mind of providing safe access for medical marijuana to their patients.

This issue has been brought up in the past specifically for those that do not reside nearby one of the few available dispensaries. Current guidelines within the state do not allow for home delivery but this new regulation would look to replace it permanently. Officials are planning to conduct a public hearing on the matter in September and will have a decision set in place before the start of next year. The new home delivery rule has specifically stated that employees from dispensaries will not be allowed to deliver to more than three different patients within a single trip.

There will also be limits on the number of deliveries per day and month, as well as a policy ensuring they can only be delivered directly to the patients, and not the caregivers. These guidelines have been adopted from other states such as California, Oregon, and Nevada, which have comparable rules to these ones proposed. The marijuana must also not be unattended while stored in the transporting vehicle, and each vehicle will be equipped with GPS tracking devices allowing the dispensaries to have the ability to check the status of the deliveries at any time. They will also be required to keep logs through a statewide monitored system that will denote the time of departure for deliveries, destination, and the time of returning.

The drivers will also have to keep track of the same information while on their deliveries. There should also be the possibility of patients having the ability to pay using their credit card online as soon as they schedule the appointment, or simply by cash once delivered. The reason this is seen as such a crucial step in the process of safely providing medical marijuana patients their necessary treatments is that this will specifically target those who suffer from the most serious illnesses that leave one unable to drive or sometimes even leave their home. It is definitely an encouraging sign to see the state of Michigan so rapidly progressing towards creating the same level of access of medical marijuana for patients as some of the more veteran states.

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