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June 13, 2021
Author - The Strainbank

Consider how the common dictionary defines "legit":

adjective:  legit

   1. conforming to the rules; legal.
       "is this company legit?"

   2. not attempting to deceive; honest.
       "to see if they're legit, I searched reviews online"

   3. authentic or genuine; truly real.
       "just flowered my plants, this OG strain is legit"

Oddly enough, the #1 question asked by customers on Google "Is the Strainbank legit?". We will answer this in so much detail there will be absolutely no question in your mind after reading this article we are 100% legit.

Year Established. So many ways to begin, highlighting we are established in 2009 is a good start. Unfortunately, that might not seem so impressive because many competitors make-up fictitious established years to create legitimacy. There are so many ways to determine the age of an online company, some are a little technical, but only common sense is needed.

For example, first consider our business listing on Google Maps, we have +1,000 reviews and 4.6 star rating. Read customer feedback going back years by many genuine profiles from all over the nation. Skeptics think you can pay Google for reviews and well that is plain dumb. You cannot; otherwise, all businesses would do so. Google would not undermine their own platform to earn a tiny fraction of what they receive through advertising alone.

Paid Advertising. The Strainbank has never used a single dollar for advertising. Why is this important? Well think about it, when a company pays for advertising, they are paying for exposure using other mediums having more trust or established reputation. We are not saying advertising is bad, we are saying that we have become the only national marijuana plants retailer by earning customers one-by-one creating a reputation for professionalism, integrity and excellence within the cannabis industry. The Strainbank didn't buy our reputation, we earned it year by year slowly.

Avoid Scams. For most internet users, there is now way to distinguish scam websites, new websites or trusted websites. Let's briefly go over "scams", since many spread like wildfire in the cannabis industry. Our aim is to teach our readers what to look out for when shopping for the best clones for sale online.

The easiest way to avoid being scammed is look up the company business listing on Google. Yes Google, not Yelp or BBB; however, Trustpilot is a Google affiliate and a reputable business directory too. What's the issue with other review websites you ask? The main reason is all other online directories are paid platforms. These sites make the lives of business owner's difficult by influencing reviews to incentivize paying monthly fees for fairer customer feedback moderation.

Yelp and BBB, are great tools, but are not an accurate representation of how well a marijuana plants nursery business is doing. Think back how to a time you created a Yelp or BBB account to leave a positive review? Unless you find satisfaction reviewing companies, most people just carry on with their lives not putting extra energy to leave feedback about their purchase(s).

The Better Business Bureau, also known as BBB, is best used for real estate, legal or medical transactions. Yelp is great for restaurants & bars, golf courses, i.e. things you go do or eat. Since Google does not monetize their business listings, this gives internet users a simple way to review companies. Your email address does not even have to be a Gmail account, which shows Google's uncompromised interest in streamlining the business review process.

If you have been solicited a message by email, text or social media that is either a scam or at least an illegitimate business. When a company has no website or business listing, they have no accountability selling unhealthy, cheap marijuana plants online. Many cannabis customers are skeptical, rightfully so, especially if you've had a terrible experience being ripped off.

Most of the feedback we receive from customers about our competitors is:

1. Not professional, i.e., rude or impatient,
2. Do not answer inquires in a timely manner; and
3. Sell poorly rooted plants with bugs or disease.

Checking the number of reviews and star rating will never be an overestimated method of determining legit clone nurseries near you.

The Strainbank values integrity above anything else and this article serves to share everything there is to know about our company. We openly address the good, the bad and everything in between. Every business, no matter how well they do, experience unhappy customers saying they were "scammed". Typically, the most unhappy people are new to cultivation and to prefer to blame someone else vs their own newbie growing mistakes.

Customer Service. When a company cares about their reputation, the owner values each customer and trains management and employees to do the same. We have some of the most professional and knowledgeable sales representatives available; however, an angry, threat-making customer is awfully hard to manage. Some language is unbearable and our staff is trained to just let it go. Sometimes there isn't hope to make things better, no matter how patient and generous we try to be.

These are instances highly motivated, idle-hand customers go online creating very damaging reviews for the sole purpose of tarnishing the image of the entire company with extreme, often vague comments under alias names. The only measure a company can take is to march forward and continue helping others to their best abilities. Karma has its own way of working things out. If we sold pencils, everything would be much different.

Who Is JP Ramirez. The Strainbank has been operated by a core few of individuals for a long time. The individual responsible for our accounting and web development is JP Ramirez, a capital fund manager in San Diego.

The Strainbank is not just a marijuana plants nursery, we are an internationally recognized brand and our reputation means everything to us. We have come to find there are some negative reviews online about JP Ramirez and we are going to clear the air on this right here. Mr. Ramirez is business consultant specializing in digital marketing and resource management under his primary company Viterbi SEO Mgmt, LLC.

JP has never grown marijuana, clones nor seeds. He is not involved in the sale or distribution of cannabis products. In exchange for his technical support, we allow his subsidiary company, Avenari Fund, to manage our cryptocurrency and stock portfolio. The domain registrant contact information for is listed under JP Ramirez too. If you have any other questions, contact us anytime for additional information.

Giving Back. Remember you found us online, we enthusiastically answer your questions and assist buying the best clones for sale. The Strainbank is the ONLY company on the entire planet offering free marijuana seeds without any purchase requirement, slow wait or gimmicks. The aim of this promotion is to allow people to grow medicine on low income or provide an opportunity to try our products risk free. This is how we give back to the community for supporting our business.

Our company doesn't spam customers even while having thousands of contacts in our system. We don't use misleading or persuasive selling tactics, nor do we pay for advertising. Website visitors who inquire about marijuana plants, cannabis seeds & CBD products are always made to feel like their best interest matters most. We routinely postpone finalizing an order if a customer does not have transplanting materials or the outdoor season timing is not right in their State.

The Strainbank. We offer 10% off for disabled, fixed income, veterans or military. Under certain circumstances if inventory allows, we offer disabled vets up to 35% off on all products - except flower. Our country does not do enough for the service of our veterans and those injured protecting our freedoms are honored by The Strainbank with the highest discount for marijuana clones for sale online.

If you come across a company that has:

1. Grown organically over +10 years,
2. Earned +1000 reviews and 4.6 star rating,
3. Created the best, user-friendly website,
4. Staffs professional & knowledgeable reps;
5. Offers freebie samples to anyone…

and still not "legit"? That would be quite remarkable.

We march content unable to satisfy every soul knowing we thoroughly explained why The Strainbank is definitely 100% legit. This information serves to help find the best marijuana clones for sale near you online.

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