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Where To Find Genuine Strainbank Nursery Online Reviews

January 5, 2019
Author - The Strainbank

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More than ever, customers read online reviews before they buy clones for sale.

Patients for the most part trust online Strainbank reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends, co-workers and family. The Strainbank values reliability, expertise & professionalism when we serve our customers. We want each and every patient to have an awesome experience because that serves our business the most to create return visits and referrals. We do not use any patient donations toward paid advertising of any kind, but toward the preservation of top cannabis genetics.

We invite anyone who has shoped with The Strainbank to visit review websites to leave honest criticism; good or bad. Rewarding customers with free samples of some our most popular marijuana products is just a simple way for The Strainbank to return excess donations back to patients with limited income, handicaps or severe medical conditions. Even if you're just skeptical to buy clones for sale, cannabis seeds & other marijuana products online, we continuously offer promotional mixed OG Kush seeds so anyone can have an opportunity to cultivate premium medicine at home. If there's any instance someone is unhappy, we aim to respond to the issue promptly, admit fault when warranted and communicate with compassion.

People expect to have a good experience each time they purchase a product or service from any online business. The result is customers generally only leave reviews online when they're upset with their experience. All the feedback we share with new customers is authentic, off-site online reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook & Leafly. The Strainbank thanks you in advance for supporting our marijuana clones nursery locations - together we'll grow far.

We understand the effort customers take to set aside time and share thier unique experiences with our company.

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What isn't there to say about Google? We all use this popular search engine for just about all our web browsing needs. We promote our business listing on Google Maps because it shares the most authentic online reviews of The Strainbank.

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Most people associate Yelp primarily for online reviews and business information. Each review on Yelp is reviewed by human moderators. You would think this is a good thing, but Yelp restricts feedback from user accounts that are new, affecting our business specifically because our patient base is an older demographic that does not use smartphone apps like Yelp. The Strainbank promotes our business listing on Yelp to serve customers who want to take advantage of coupons for savings on clones for sale and cannabis seeds.

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Almost everyone has Facebook because it offers many ways to connect with family & friends, stay updated on current events, learn about online businesses and much more. We promote our Facebook page to highlight some of our Blog articles and provide another platform for customers to find Strainbank reviews online.

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Depending on how familiar you are with popular cannabis websites, Leafly is the authority on marijuana strains information. Each year Leafly expands website visitor reach by expanding the resources available to patients and recreational users. One major change is the ability for cannabis brands to create a free business listing on Leafly. The Strainbank does not pay for advertising and so our presence on Leafly is new, but we are excited to become a part of a growing medical marijuana community.

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