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Offering marijuana plants is our specialty; however, we carry a wide range of cannabis seeds because we use them in-house to expand clone nurseries into other States. Unlike many other large cannabis seed providers, we harvest fresh seeds every month. We do not buy in bulk and resell to customers allowing us full control over pricing and wholesale discounts.


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Package Arrival Is 100% Guaranteed.

Every order is individually prepared by request - never receive any small, pale or broken seeds from us. Looking for variety?  We can mix & match strains no problem, you'll appreciate the difference!

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Unfortunately in the cannabis industry, many companies are scamming people resulting in customers feeling skeptical of buying marijuana plants for sale online. Our aim is to give anyone a chance to try our products risk free.

The Strainbank also wants to provide an opportunity for people to cultivate on a tight budget by offering free marijuana seeds online. We are the only company offering a truly free growing experience with no gimmicks or restrictions. To receive free seeds, follow the simple four (4) steps below:

(1) Click Here to leave any authentic feedback about your experience so far. 
(2) Take a screenshot, photo or text review url to (858) 255-0169 for same day help.
(3) Text the same number your Full Name and Shipping Address as it appears on mail. 
(4) We also need your Email Address to send a tracking no. Use email to setup free text alerts.

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Extended Genetics Inventory List

The fastest way to buy genetics online is to select desired strains prior to ordering.

Below is our main marijuana plants and cannabis seeds extended strains list. We do carry other new genetics and exotic strains; however, those are undergoing a flower verification process before creatng a website listing. Buying seeds online is the best option for patients who do not live nearby Strainbank locations to pick-up local genetics.

Strain Type Difficulty
Afghani Indica Easy
Animal Cookies Hybrid Advanced
BC Big Bud Indica Easy
Blackberry Kush Indica Advanced
Blue Dream Hybrid Easy
Blueberry Indica Medium
Bubba Kush Indica Easy
Casey Jones Sativa Medium
Chemdawg Sativa Easy
Do-Si-Dos Indica Advanced
Fire OG Hybrid Medium
G-13 Diesel Hybrid Medium
Gelato Hybrid Medium
Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid Advanced
GDP Indica Advanced
Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid Medium
Grape Ape Indica Advanced
Green Crack Sativa Medium
Headband Sativa Medium
Jack Herer Sativa Easy
Larry OG Hybrid Medium
Lemon Skunk Sativa Easy
Master Kush Hybrid Easy
Northern Lights Sativa Easy
OG Kush Hybrid Medium
Platinum OG Indica Medium
Purple Haze Indica Medium
Purple Kush Indica Medium
Purple Wreck Indica Advanced
Runtz Hybrid Advanced
SFV OG Indica Medium
Skywalker OG Indica Medium
Silver Haze Sativa Easy
Sour Diesel Sativa Easy
Strawberry Kush Hybrid Medium
Strawberry Cough Sativa Medium
Sundae Driver Indica Advanced
Sunset Sherbet Hybrid Advanced
Tahoe OG Indica Medium
Tangie Sativa Medium
Trainwreck Sativa Easy
Wedding Cake Indica Medium
White Widow Sativa Medium

How To Germinate Seeds

Review these easy, step-by-step instructions to ensure +90% success rate.

What You Receive

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  • Pricing

    Our website is contantly being updated. Below is the most updated pricing as of 10/17/19; for any applicable discounts email directly.

    Qty Feminized Mixed
    15 Pack $150 $120
    25 Pack $220 (12% Off) $175 (13% Off)
    50 Pack $390 (22% Off) $280 (30% Off)
  • Exchange Policy

    Worried about a portion of your order not germinating? The Strainbank offers the most straight forward replacement policy in the industry.

    Simply provide a photo clearly showing any seeds that germinated unsuccessfully and those will be replaced hassle free, heat mat required.

  • How To Order Online

    Choose Strains. Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before calling us.

    Text Us. Once you're ready, message us so that there's no confusion as to what strains and quantity you want.

    Online Payment. Patients receive a quote and make secure payments using their smartphone.

    Tracking No. Have comfort knowing your order was shipped out the same week with email tracking.

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