Marijuana Strain Description

Afghani Clones

How Afghani Clones Grow

Type:  Indica
Height:  +3 feet
Branches:  Dense
Flowering:  8 Weeks
Yield:  +2oz/plant
Environment:  Outdoor
Difficulty:  Easy
Color:  Dark Green
Buds:  Dense

Afghani Strain Description

Afghani is a well-known and popular indica dominant strain that gets its name as no surprise from the geographic location of where its original breeders had first grown the strain. However it is very popular amongst growers today for it being known to produce a high amount of resin that carries on through its genetics. It is also known for possessing a piney yet flavorful taste that provides users with a deep, relaxing high, staying true to its indica roots. Patients often use this powerful indica strain to treat a wide array of general ailments, most notably as a pain reliever, as well as to help with insomnia.

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Afghani Clones

Indica Marijuana Attributes

Relaxation & Serenity
Higher CBD Content
Treats Body Conditions
Night Medication

Afghani Clones Helps Treat

Muscle Spasms
Joint Pain
Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Effects

Afghani Clones For Sale
Medical Effects Patient Experience
Chronic Pain

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