White Widow

Marijuana Strain Description

White Widow Clones

How White Widow Clones Grow

Type:  Sativa
Height:  6 feet
Branches:  Bushy
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Yield:  +6oz/plant
Environment:  Outdoor
Difficulty:  Easy
Color:  Pine Green
Buds:  Airy

White Widow Strain Description

White Widow has long been considered one of the most well known strains all over the world, and that is certainly not without good reason. It was originally created in the Netherlands from the breeders Green House Seeds, by crossing a pure sativa Brazilian plant with what was actually a rich in resin indica from South India. Since that time this strain has been passed around almost every single shop in the marijuana mecca that is Amsterdam, in addition to homes all over. The buds that are produced tend to be completely covered in a pure white coat of crystal resin, which may already appear intimidating to more newbie users. Being one of the best sativas around, it is a great source for stimulating one's mind to garner more creative thoughts, or for even simply adding more inspiration to a friendly conversation. Given its ideal genetics it has been used to breed off a number of other notable phenotypes, however most growers seem to still favor the original.

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White Widow Clones

Sativa Marijuana Attributes

Uplifting & Energetic
Higher THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

White Widow Clones Helps Treat


Medical Effects

White Widow Clones For Sale
Medical Effects Patient Experience
Chronic Pain

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