Platinum OG

Marijuana Strain Description

Platinum OG Clones

How Platinum OG Clones Grow

Type:  Hybrid
Height:  +3 feet
Branches:  Long
Flowering:  8 Weeks
Yield:  +4oz/plant
Environment:  Indoor
Difficulty:  Medium
Color:  Dark Green
Buds:  Dense

Platinum OG Strain Description

Platinum OG is a legendary strain earning its name from its extremely high levels of potency comparing to that of the strong and rare element. It is an indica dominant hybrid plant that consistently produces a THC-content well above the 20% range, again making this one of the more powerful strains out there. This infamous heavy hitter is known to descend from the great Master Kush and OG Kush strains, with rumors of an additional third mystery ancestor as well. The buds produced are very full in size and show a nice, citrus green color that is accompanied by bright orange hairs and a shiny, platinum-like coat that also attributes to its name. Given its substantial effects this strain is best recommended for bedtime use as a reliable treatment for stress, pain, and anxiety that can otherwise make sleep difficult.

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Platinum OG Clones

Hybrid Marijuana Attributes

Mild Euphoria
Higher THC/CBD Ratio
Treats Most Conditions
Medicate Anytime

Platinum OG Clones Helps Treat

Muscle Spasms

Medical Effects

Platinum OG Clones For Sale
Medical Effects Patient Experience
Chronic Pain

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