Strawberry Cough

Marijuana Strain Description

Strawberry Cough Clones

How Strawberry Cough Clones Grow

Type:  Sativa
Height:  6 feet
Branches:  Long
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Yield:  +4oz/plant
Environment:  Outdoor
Difficulty:  Medium
Color:  Emerald Green
Buds:  Airy

Strawberry Cough Strain Description

Strawberry Cough is a great and powerful sativa mix with varying origin stories that continue to be debated. Regardless it is highly celebrated for its sweet fruity flavor, which has a very unique scent similar to that of a batch of some fresh strawberries. The second part of its name is earned by its recognized ability to force even some veteran smokers to cough up a bit after taking a hit of this naturally potent strain. It produces a pure sativa effect that will lead to a range of effects, such as enhancing one's senses, enlightening your mind, or simply putting you in a happier mood. For these reasons mentioned it has been highly useful for patients and even recreational users to treat general cases of social anxiety, or to help manage stress and maintain balance during periods of increased tension.

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Strawberry Cough Clones

Sativa Marijuana Attributes

Uplifting & Energetic
Higher THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

Strawberry Cough Clones Helps Treat


Medical Effects

Strawberry Cough Clones For Sale
Medical Effects Patient Experience
Chronic Pain

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